How to become a Best Tester ?

Test for quality over quantity
Think like the user
Practice and improve your written communication skills
Learn to prioritize    
Learn from your own mistakes
Don’t be humble with software… think out of the box
Increase the effectiveness of bug reports
Be Passionate!

How to be a good tester ?

Apart from the technical knowledge, testing skills, tester 

should have some personal level skills which will help them to build a good rImageapport in the testing team.

Naturally the product managers, architectures, developers spent their countless time on developing application for the customer. They will show to us and ask how abt my application.

Our work nature:  Now our time.. our work is to find out the bugs in application. Its easy to find bugs and relieve it openly with developers. The things how we communicating with developers, architects, designer regarding bugs. we can deliever it openly to all.

But mostly it hurts developers, designers. etc.

Follow this it may helpful to you… for a Good Tester.

Be Honest and Responsive:
Tell developers what are your plans to attack their application.

Be open and available:
If any developer, designer ask you to have a look at the application developed by him before the release, then politely give feedback on it and report any extra efforts needed. Don’t log the bug’s for these notes.

Let them review your tests:
If you have designed or wrote some test cases from the requirement specifications then just show them those test cases. Let them know your stuff as you are going to critic on developers work!

Use of Bug tracker:
Some testers have habit to report each and everything publicly. This attitude hurts the developers. So if you have logged any bug then let the bug tracking system report it to respective developers and managers. Also don’t each time rely on bug tracker, talk personally to developers what you logged and why you logged?